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Barack Obama's Secrets....

It is evident that in politics predictions are difficult. Even the best and brightest of political pundits with so many years of intellectual and practical experience behind them get it all wrong sometimes. In spite of the overwhelming difficulty in predicting political outcomes, certain outcomes defies comprehension. Barack Obama's rise falls into this category.

Barack Obama ever since he was elected into office as a Junior Senator from Illinois and assumed office in 2005 has been seen as a rising star with the ability to have a rich and successful political career and get very far in this respect.

In spite of his achievements prior to his election as US Senator 3 years ago, he was relatively unknown. For him to have come this far is very commendable. His "fast track" political career is simply unbelievable. Being audacious is not enough to guarantee perpetual success but the resilience to sustain this audacity to propel you from to success to success is what is really needed. It is not surprising that these qualities are lacking in many. Obama has these among other qualities. The man who wrote "the audacity of hope" is truly living it. The possession of such attributes among others such as charisma and intelligence does not necessarily follow that success is assured. It is not like the right combination of hydrogen and oxygen atoms to produce water. Obama's rise in the US political arena to the extent that he has been able to make such an impression and stamp his authority and clout over the political process can be compared to a protagonist in a Grisham or Ludlum novel.

When Obama decided to run for the presidency, in fact it seemed premature to most people. This is because he had been insufficiently tested in crucible of federal politics. The reason is that he was assumed to lack experience. In addition, would he be able to absorb the "shocks and hits" and not falter?

The ability to absorb "shocks and hits" and still remain undettered is a major characteristics that sets political giants apart from the others. President Bill Clinton has one or two advise to give on this. It will be unwise for President Clinton to make public such advise in this area. Clinton will obviously divulge such tactical secret to Hillary his better half. Since she is on the chase having the table turned and pursuing "Obamagic" which has gripped the United States.

Senator Clinton is very eloquent and intelligent and was seen as a front runner. But Obama's win in Iowa and The impressive performance of Obama in South Carolina meant that the race for the Democratic presidential candidacy was not still tight and open. The overwhelmingly impressive performance in the Super Tuesday meant Obama could no longer be dismissed as a lucky politician whose achievement on this political journey will luck energy to fuel such an enormous momentum.

Even after Super Tuesday, with successive wins over Senator Clinton in many states including major states like Washington, Maryland, Virginia and Wisconsin meant that Senator Clinton the front runner is now chasing Obama and finding it difficult to stand up and keep pace with Senator Obama.

In spite of this development Senator Clinton can not be dismissed. She is eloquent and intelligent in her own right and capable of turning things around. Though now it seems most difficult at this stage but not impossible due to the unpredictability of politics. If this happens it will be one of the most extraordinarily surprising outcomes and "comebacks" ever. She is fighting a good fight but so far Obama is simply a major stumbling block to Senator Clinton and the Democratic presidential candidacy. In his speeches Obama seems to have an overwhelming power over words and delivers them with passion and poise which endear him to the American people. His charisma is profoundly magnetic which draws people to him.

Obama seems to have shattered the long time held prejudice that a black person can not get that far in politics. Though Jesse Jackson and Alan Keyes have been unable to get this far, Obama has, and that erroneous belief can now be dismissed with contempt. American have shown and are showing that the "land of the free" with the Statue of Liberty which greets many is indeed a land where one can aspire to be whatever he wants to become no matter how far fetched the aspiration is. Indeed the first black person and the first woman thus far have shown such maturity, intelligence that indeed they have made history.Their names will always be remembered from generation to generation.